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How to Choose the Right Firewood Delivery Service

While firewood delivery services are convenient, the cost and quality of wood delivered vary significantly. Learn how to choose the right service for your needs. There are several options available, including national retailers and companies that specialize in delivering firewood. Read on to learn more about each one. If you want to make sure your wood is as clean and pest-free as possible, we recommend buying it from a local source.

A firewood delivery service should offer different packages to meet your specific needs. Depending on how much wood you need, you can choose between a city cord and a half or full face cord. A cord is about 15 bundles, while a face cord contains 45 bundles. Each type of firewood has its own weight and density, so you don’t want to order more than you’ll need. A firewood delivery service can deliver the perfect amount of wood for your needs.

The cost of a firewood delivery service can be as little as $10 per truckload. Most firewood companies charge by the cord, which is 15 bundles. Then, you can choose between half or full face cords, which are 30 and 45 bundles. You can order a full face cord as a whole or use it as a partial face cord. You can then stack and store it for a week or two.

If you choose a full face cord, you’ll have approximately 45 bundles of wood. These are the most common sizes, but you can get half face cords if you’re not sure how many you need. You’ll also be sure to get the right amount every time, since wood ages well. If you want to maximize your profits, consider hiring a firewood delivery service. You won’t regret it!

Unlike other types of firewood, city cords can be stored for years. Depending on the type of wood and the area where it’s stored, it can be stacked for a long time. The size of the cords will be determined by the type of firewood you’ll use. A full face cord is approximately 4’x4’x8′, or 128 cubic feet. A full face cord is four feet by eighteen bundles.

A full face cord is a full face cord that has 45 bundles. A city cord is approximately 15 city cords, while a half face cord is approximately half a face of firewood. A full face cord is roughly the same size as a city-cord. In general, both of these sizes are equivalent to a half face cord. Unless you’re looking for a large cord, a good face cord is four feet by four feet.

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